From an 18-propeller drone sprayer to 16,000 litre spray tanks, Agritechnica’s spray application exhibits covered all the bases, but with an emphasis on European offerings. For North American attendees, the differences were striking, and in some cases, rather surprising.

“The nozzle manufacturers are actually trying to play catch up. There’s the pulse width modulation revolution that’s already happening in North America — (it’s) been happening for a long time — is not happening here,” says spray application specialist Tom Wolf, of Sprayers 101.

Part of the reason behind a lack of movement in pulse width modulation (PWM) overseas is Europe’s strict environmental laws, as PWM nozzles, explains Wolf, must have certain low-drift certifications.

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Instead, Europe has focused their efforts on nozzle switching for turn compensation and changes in travel speed.

In this video, filmed on Day 4 of Agritechnica on the tradeshow floor, Wolf speaks to  Shaun Haney about PWM (and its incredible potential); pull-type sprayers (they’re not dead!); custom tank sizes; Lemken’s new sprayer; how transmission and transport rules impact differences in sprayer offerings; impressions on drone sprayers; and more.

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