The Storm series from Mandako, built on the success of the Twister series, is looking to fill a demand for vertical tillage with disc options.

“We have a two-in-one machine here. This can fit both applications, and with the framework and all the rest of it, no problem,” says Murray Hunter, Western Canada sales manager with Mandako, in front of the S2010 model at Agri-Trade at Red Deer, Alta.

The implement is built with the same heavy, rugged design Mandako is known for, with the goal of high durability, the company says. In addition, the company has made it possible for owners to work on their own equipment.

“This is a western Canadian built product,” says Hunter. “We are strong proponents of Canadian built suppliers, even our hubs and spindles [are] coming out of Winnipeg, our cylinders are coming out of also Manitoba, the steel is even out of a Canadian mill…you just can’t get any more Western than this.”

Changes to the implement include its sharper disc angle, and improvements on rear baskets to improve the life expectancy of bearings. It’s available in widths from 13 to 40 feet.

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