Grain Farmers of Ontario want the federal government to be more proactive in bringing the CN Rail and teamsters union dispute to an end before it impacts agriculture. It would seem that’s already happening, however, as at least one farmer in the eastern region of Ontario has already reported that they’ve been told that propane is being rationed for grain drying: home owners who use the fuel for heat will get first priority.

Ontario grain farmers rely on the rail system to transport propane used on farms to dry grain, such as corn. This harvest has already been a challenging one, and corn is coming off fields at higher than average moistures.

GFO says that with the current CN strike action, suppliers are no longer delivering propane for grain dryers. The strike comes at a time when Ontario farmers are dealing with one of the most difficult harvests they have seen in decades. A very wet harvest season with early snow and cold means that farmers are even more reliant on propane-powered grain dryers to condition the crop and get it to market, according to the GFO.

Grain Farmers of Ontario urges the government to explore all other options for propane delivery quickly.


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