The introduction of dicamba-resistant crops created a need for increased drift management at spraying. Enter the ultra-coarse droplet and the nozzles to create them.

Pentair Hypro is one company that’s designed an ultra low-drift nozzle to create ultra-coarse droplets, and it was on display at this year’s Agri-Trade event at Red Deer, Alta.

Brian Henderson, with Pentair Hypro, says dicamba applications require ultra-coarse spray droplets, and for that they designed the nozzle to perform as well as be easy to clean and change. The cap is removable, with spray screens right inside, making changing nozzles super easy, which matters when you’re swapping out over 70 nozzles.

Available for John Deere units in early 2020, the ultra low-drift nozzle has been field tested to perform between 30 and 70 psi, but not below that ranger. Lower than that and Henderson says you run the risk of losing the integrity of the spray pattern and angle.

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