Off-site grain storage, next to the dyer, or any off-grid location can still be a grain cleaning site if you’ve got Farm King’s 482 Grain Cleaner.

Dave Mueller, territory manager for Northern Alberta, says the company’s latest unit includes the addition of a hydraulic power pack, driven by a nine horsepower motor so that farmers aren’t limited by access to electricity when cleaning grain.

Mueller says the unit allows farmers to clean grain directly off the dryer, in the field, in an off-site bin yard, or next to the silage pit, for example. Because it’s meant to be mobile, the 482 features an 8″ integrated loading auger that swings into place and out of the way for safe transport.

The 482 can clean fine-seeded crops such as canola and also will clean a range of cereals and legumes. Mueller says the unit keeps yards tidy with a trash pan and two discharge augers — one for clean grain, the other for dockage.

Take a tour of the 482 in the video below filmed at Agri-Trade 2019: 

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