Lemken may be known in Canada primarily for its tillage implements, but the German company has other offerings, the most recent of which is a self-propelled sprayer.

“One special feature of this machine is that we have to get into the crop later and later…so people are looking for more ground clearance but without the disadvantage of having a machine very high on the road and instability problems,” says Lemken’s Thom Sanders. “So…we made the machine in such a way that we can lift the carriage from 1.20 metre up to 1.60 metre.”

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The sprayer, Nova, features booms in widths of 24 to 39 metres.

“In terms of capacity, it definitely fits into the European standard. So we build it in two tank sizes, one is 4,800 [litres], and the other is 7,200.”

The cab, built on high visibility, features a configurable joystick, and comfort enhanced by the machine’s independent wheel suspension.

Lemken plans to take small steps in offering the machines, starting with five in 2020.

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