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Focused on Canada and growth by meeting the needs of farmers across the country, Maizex Seeds is building its presence through product performance and agronomic support in Maizex brand grain, silage and grazing corn and Elite brand seed soybeans.

“Our goal is to develop, test, and introduce products that meet the specific needs of producers in regions across the country,” says Shawn Winter, Product Manager with Maizex Seeds. “Our performance edge is based on the intensive field and replicated small plot testing we do in selecting products.” This testing, under a range of conditions and locations, provides valuable agronomic and positioning information for farmers to use in positioning products on their farms.

In fact, Maizex does extensive research beyond product selection and positioning, conducting extensive agronomy research in areas from nitrogen management to population and fungicide management. This research is conveyed to customers through the year at agronomy meetings or digital updates.

“At the end of the day, if we can help our customers grow their yield or profitability through product and agronomy support, we will grow as well,” says Stephen Denys, Brand Director with Maizex Seeds. He notes that farmers can sign up for the Maizex Agronomy newsletter by emailing [email protected].

From a product perspective, Maizex is focused in three key areas:

  • High performance Maizex grain corn. Maizex uses a detailed selection process and a unique production process to identify and grow hybrids that provide high yield potential and strong agronomic performance in the field, whether for early maturity areas of the Prairies or long day regions in Ontario
  • FeastPlus and EnergyPlus silage hybrids. The company launched two hybrid families for silage corn: FeastPlus hybrids combine high tonnage potential with increased palatability for more meat or milk per acre, while EnergyPlus hybrids are focused on high energy content and hybrid flexibility to use as silage, high moisture, grain, or for early maturities as a grazing corn
  • Market driven Elite soybeans for growers from ultra-early to ultra-late maturity areas across Canada

To meet the growth being experienced across Canada, Maizex has invested heavily in Canadian production, including the purchase and 2019 use of the former Dow seed corn plant in Blenheim, Ontario. “The additional seed corn production capacity and access to experienced seed corn growers in this outstanding seed corn production area provides our business with the capacity we need to meet our customer needs from production here in Canada,” says Denys.

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