The latest Statistics Canada field crop survey confirms what most in the farming community have been talking about non-stop for the last month: dry conditions in the west and wet conditions in the east have significantly impacted what crop mix is in the ground. According to the June Field Crop Survey, canola, durum, and winter… Read More

Today’s RealAg Radio comes at you from a carnival-like atmosphere at CanolaPALOOZA at Lacombe, AB. In today’s episode, hear from: Debra Hauer, Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council, on their recent roundtable, changes around temporary foreign workers, and more; Jay Whetter, editor of Canola Digest, on the issues impacting canola this year; and, Viterra’s Terence Koshman,… Read More

Just days before the G20 Osaka Summit is set to take place, China has banned all Canadian meat exports. According to the Chinese Embassy in Canada, the investigation into last week’s Ractopamine findings “revealed that the official veterinary health certificates attached to the batch of pork exported to China were counterfeit” and reflects “obvious safety… Read More

A new innovation unveiled at Canada’s Farm Progress Show kills weeds without herbicides. Instead of chemically terminating the plant, the unit simply overcooks them with steam. “We produce steam at up to 200 to 300 degrees celsius and it kills everything that it touches,” says Ron Gleim, founder and president of the company behind X-Steam-inator,… Read More