Today’s show features interviews and discussion from September through October. You’ll hear from: Glyn Chancey, executive director of the CSGA, on the Seeds Canada vote; Lianne Rood, shadow minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food for the Conservative Party; Alexandra Posadzki, telecom reporter for the Globe and Mail, on faster internet speeds in rural communities using low-earth… Read More

There are several recurring themes among some of the most interesting people I cross paths with in agriculture. One of the most fun is that many of us never set out with a particular role or job in mind, but instead just rolled with the opportunities in front of us. The other is travel; not… Read More

2020 has been a year to remember. It has brought upon a tonne of negatives as we all navigate through COVID-19, but as we look at the negatives, many forget to reflect on the positives as well. So, our content team here at RealAgriculture decided to finish up the year on a positive note. We… Read More

Today’s RealAg Radio show features a recap of stories from June, July, and August. You’ll hear from: Kerri Holland of Simpson Centre at the University of Calgary, and how agriculture can be the driver leading the economic recovery; Dr. Gregg Ibendahl of Kansas State University, on a study on how larger farms are more profitable;… Read More

Whether you’re an experienced soybean grower, or are looking to get into this interesting leguminous oilseed crop, there’s always something to learn. In this episode of Soybean School, we take a look back at the past year’s soybean season in Manitoba — what went right, what went wrong, and what kind of knowledge we gleaned… Read More

Community organizations have really struggled this year — especially with fundraising. Many of the events that were scheduled for the year, and subsequently cancelled, were meant as the major fundraiser for food banks, churches, daycares, and other important parts of rural communities. A big boost to these rural community organizations came from UFA, and joining… Read More

The only tractor manufacturer based in Canada is reporting a jump in sales in its year-end financials. Buhler Industries, which makes and sells Versatile tractors and Farm King equipment, says it saw gross revenue of $249.6 million in fiscal 2020, up from $229.1 million in 2019. The company says the increased sales were “a result… Read More

Welcome to this Monday edition of RealAg Radio. Today’s show features the best of our content from January and February: Don Close of Rabobank on the protein market early in 2020; Amber Mac, technology specialist from CanadaTalks 167 on Sirius XM; Jayson Lusk of Perdue University; and, Will Evans, host of Rock and Roll Farming… Read More

Merry Christmas from all of us at RealAgriculture and thanks for tuning into RealAg Radio during your holiday! You’re going to hear from the entire Content Team today, where we answer all of Shaun’s questions, including our: Favourite Christmas memories growing up; Favourite Christmas food (Lara has a list); What we would like for Christmas… Read More


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