Modelled on the action of hand shovelling, Gramegna’s tillage machines bear little resemblance to most you’ll see across North America.

“The main advantage of our machine is that it doesn’t produce any compaction under the worked soil, and it can work in very extreme conditions,” says Massimo Gramegna.

The implement works in the same manner as digging by hand, with a spade. Clods are lifted and thrown backwards, and the surface is levelled by a bar or rake.

The company offers different models, with depths ranging from 20 to 45 centimetres. The 3-metre wide model, which works to 40 cm depth, needs only 120 horsepower.

The implement is used worldwide, says Gramegna, from potatoes in the Netherlands to bananas in the Canary Islands, horticulture in the Midwest to vineyards in California.

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