With spring less than three months away, Nufarm Agriculture Inc. has unveiled its new post-emergent grass weed herbicide — Epic. The product contains pinoxaden, for spring wheat, durum wheat, and barley, and can be used as an option for the selective control of wild oats, green and yellow foxtail, Persian darnel, volunteer oats, volunteer canary seed, proso millet, and barnyard grass in wheat and barley crops.

“Epic can be tank-mixed with a range of broadleaf herbicides to provide excellent broad-spectrum weed control in cereals,” says Graham Collier, Nufarm’s Portfolio Manager in Canada.

“Our field trials have shown that Epic is fast-acting on wild oats and other susceptible grass weed species, showing efficacy within 48 hours of application,” notes Collier.

Epic® will join the roster with Nufarm’s other grassy weed herbicide, Signal® (wheat only). Both will be tank-mix options with Enforcer brands.

Farmers will be able to order the product for this spring by contacting their local crop input retailer. A full breakdown of Epic can be found by clicking here.

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