Vermeer’s 604R classic and signature balers are familiar to many, but in late 2019 the company added a premium baler to the series, which adds more options and benefits to the baler.

Josh Vrieze, product manager with Vermeer, was on hand at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show to talk about the added features.

“The capacity of this baler is actually higher than our previous 604R classic and signature,” explains Vrieze, adding that bale density is another highlight of the implement. “We are actually able to produce a 30 per cent denser baler with the 604R premium than we have been able to with previous generations of this baler.”

One of the main highlights for farmers coming to check out the booth is the automation of the baler.

“The automation on this baler allows you to not have to pull or push levers as much. It takes that extra effort out of it for the operator, making his job a little bit easier at the end of the day. So think it of it like cruise control on a car — it’s something you maybe didn’t know you needed until you had it, and now you couldn’t really live without it. Being able to automate it really helps it.”

Along with some of the automation, came the ability to lift bale nets without having to break your back along the way.

“We came up with a new net lift system where we would just hook [the lift] up to the net wrap, and then we can lift the net wrap up with this hoist and put it into place,” Vrieze explains and demonstrates in the video below. “So from there we can put the net into the cradle where it’s supposed to be, and make it a much simpler job.”

Check out the full conversation between RealAgriculture’s Kara Oosterhuis and Josh Vrieze, below:

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