John Deere’s new ExactRate liquid fertilizer application system is designed to help farmers deliver accurate nutrient placement at precise rates during planting.

The company rolled out the new system last month at the National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS) at Louisville, Kentucky.

In this interview, Deere product manager Brady Alley explains that ExactRate is another of example of how the manufacturer can deliver precision agriculture throughout crop production.

“We’re taking the value of precise, accurate inputs on our electric drive planters and we’re carrying it over to the fertilizer side,” to precisely monitor and control liquid fertilizer application during planting, says Alley.

ExactRate gives operators row-by-row section control to help reduce fertilizer costs and the amount of chemicals applied by shutting off application in areas of overlap or non-application. (Story continues after the video.)

ExactRate apps are fully compatible with the John Deere 4640 Universal Display and 4600 CommandCenter and provide in-cab flow detection and in-field documentation. It compensates for both rate changes and speed changes and also provides curve compensation to help growers apply the right rates across their fields, including entry and exit of headlands.

The factory-installed application system is compatible with select John Deere planters with electric drive including the 1775NT, 1795, DB60, DB 44 and DB66 planters. Drawing on the power of a hydraulic-driven pump, ExactRate can be operated at maximum speeds up to 10 mph, enabling operators to plant up to 5.9 more acres per hour, says the company.

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