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In the ongoing war against weeds, growers have historically combatted different weed groups with different herbicides. Now, wheat growers have a powerful new comrade in the battle against broadleaf and grassy weeds. New BATALIUM™ Herbicide has a unique, high-performance formulation with 3 modes of action, providing all-in-one weed control in a single application. It’s long lasting, providing flushing control against 6 of the toughest grass weeds like wild oats and green foxtail. Plus, it delivers dependable, wide-spectrum control of 34 broadleaf weeds like common lambsquarters and wild buckwheat. The 3 modes of action are a valuable asset in resistance management.

An Elite Weed Fighting Force

The elite formulation of BATALIUM Herbicide offers 4 active ingredients: flucarbazone, a highly effective Group 2 herbicide, with fluroxypyr and MCPA (Group 4) and bromoxynil (Group 6) to ensure total, all-in-one weed control from a single application. BATALIUM provides best-in-class crop safety as well, so you can apply it on your wheat without fearing for your crop’s health.

Ready for a complete grass and broadleaf weed solution in one jug? Get unmatched weed control in your spring, durum and winter wheat with BATALIUM. It’s more than just a herbicide – it’s an elite weed fighting machine.

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