Landoll showed off its latest vertical tillage machine at the National Farm Machinery Show at Louisville, Kentucky — the 7500 Series VT Plus.

The implement comes with adjustable gangs which allows the operator to change the angle of the disc gangs from the comfort of their tractor.

“We can do more with this with adjustments from the cab to meet the variant soil conditions and things going on out there in the field so we can adjust the angle of the gang on the fly — anywhere from 5 degrees, up to 15 degrees,” explains Landoll’s Jamie Meier in the video below. “So if we have weed pressure or ruts out there in the field, we can make the gangs more aggressive and be more aggressive and work on tilling the soil and then flatten it back out in other parts, and run faster.”

He adds that the narrow spacing gives better fracture and more complete tillage underneath the unit.

Because the implement has different sizes and features, the retail cost is anywhere from US$40,000 to US$177,000.

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