Goodyear has new options for farmers looking for low sidewall (LSW) tires to fit scraper applications and flotation sprayers.

At the National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS), Titan International, Inc. announced an expansion of its R-1 tread design. In this interview, Scott Sloan, ag products manager for Titan and Goodyear farm tires, says the new Goodyear Optitorque LSW800/55R46 size is ideal for scraper applications, as well as a flotation sprayer option and high-horsepower tractor dual option for arid, dry soils.

The new Optitorque LSW800/55R46 tire serves as an alternative to the standard 800/70R38 size. The LSW design helps dampen and avoid the effects of power hop that are common in high-torque applications such as pulling scrapers, helping keep the pan level, says Sloan.

LSW tires also allow for running at up to 40 per cent lower inflation pressures than standard tires, thereby reducing soil compaction. R-1 sizes include, 680, 710 and 800 section width tires.

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