TruFlex canola expands the weed control window without sacrificing crop safety


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TruFlex™ Canola with Roundup Ready® Technology delivers flexibility for spray rates and timing for superior weed control, locking in greater yield potential. The TruFlex trait sets growers up for success, no matter what weather challenges they face and helps them get the most out of canola yield potential.

Andrew Chisholm, Trait and Trait Launch Manager with Bayer says that TruFlex canola technology is far superior to the old Roundup Ready®.

“With the greater spray rates and timing, farmers are going to be able to control more weeds,” Chisholm says. With TruFlex canola farmers can spray 0.67 L/ac right off the bat, Chishom says, for a clean field during the critical weed-free period that is so important for achieving maximum yield.

Even if the weather is not cooperating, TruFlex canola offers an even wider window of application allowing for more options to control weeds, plus there are 24 more weeds on the label than older Roundup Ready canola hybrids.

The TruFlex canola system allows farmers to spray 0.67 litres per acre of Roundup® twice – right from emergence to first flower. But if you get into a situation where you just can’t get to that one field on time, and it’s starting to push that three or four leaf stage, and the weeds are getting fairly big, you can go up to 1.33 L/ac for one pass and clean up what’s out there, and that rate’s being used from emergence to six leaf, Chisholm says.

But what about crop safety? Chisholm says that’s a key feature of the TruFlex canola trait — farmers can expect excellent crop safety, without the threat of yellowing, growth reduction, or flower bleaching that could happen with off-label applications on the older Roundup Ready canola lines.

For more information about the TruFlex™ Canola with Roundup Ready® Technology, visit the website here.

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