CN Rail will spend approximately $305 million across Alberta in 2020, including the construction of more double track on CN’s mainline. Included in the plan is a maintenance program that will focus on the replacement of rail and ties, as well as maintenance work on level crossings, bridges, culverts, signal systems, and other track infrastructure.

“We take our essential role in the North American economy seriously and these investments in Alberta are a key part of our strategy to support growth,” says James Thompson, vice-president, Western Region at CN.

The railway says that the construction and maintenance projects will create greater capacity to reduce transportation supply chain GHG emissions and encourage the use of rail for long-haul needs. One freight train can replace over 300 trucks from roads, and moving freight by rail instead of truck reduces GHG emissions by 75 per cent, CN says.

Planned expansion projects include the construction of about five miles of double track between Vancouver and Edmonton, near Hinton. The maintenance program includes replacement of approximately 71 miles of rail, installation of over 210,000 new railroad ties, rebuilds of 28 road crossing surfaces, and maintenance work on bridges, culverts, signal systems, and other track infrastructure.

One thought on “CN Rail to upgrade tracks in Alberta

  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE twin tracks between Edmonton and Ardrossan so that our neighborhood will no longer be exposed to the idling trains! Some of them are SO LOUD it is RIDICULOUS. 4:17 AM this morning idling train was high pitched whining for over 40 minutes! Why can’t it move down behind rec centre??????!!!!! WHY WHY WHY!!!!!????? Twin the tracks so trains move freely and don’t have to idle in Ardrossan! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – I don’t mind the trains going by and some of the idling trains are fine but there are some that are just so loud it should be banned – seriously the one this morning – window closed, ear plugs in and still could not sleep because of this train! I don’t know how your employees can even stand being inside that ridiculous monster!

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