If you applied a pre-emergent herbicide before planting your corn and didn’t get the moisture to activate it, don’t despair and don’t feel like you’ve thrown some money down the drain. You still get weed control during that critical weed-free period, says Rob Miller, technical development manager with BASF.

As you can see in this short and sweet RealAgriculture Corn School episode, control of weeds is still there.

In the video, Miller shows two corn plots, one that had a pre-emergent herbicide applied, and one that did not, but both had an application of glyphosate at the one leaf stage to control that initial flush of weeds.

Even though the plot with a pre-emerge didn’t get that initial moisture in the first seven to 10 days to activate the herbicide, there’s still a lot of value there. In the plot without the pre-emergent herbicide there’s an obvious second flush of grassy weeds, lamb’s quarters and pigweed.

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