It’s that time of the year where farmers are working exceptionally hard to complete all the fieldwork they need to get done. We’ve got a great lineup to keep you educated and up-to-date on this Agronomic Monday episode of RealAg Radio. You’ll hear:

  • Paul Sullivan of Sullivan Agro on proper scouting and making sure that when we are going out into our fields, we are looking for the right things;
  • Andrew Reid of BASF on herbicide efficacy, and some of the things to consider when it comes to water volumes, nozzle selection, tank clean out, and more;
  • Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson on beneficial insects, and the importance of paying attention and actually using those economic thresholds;
  • Aaron Deigh of North Dakota State University (NDSU) on compaction and some of the environmental, and economic impacts it can have for many years down the road. 

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