Streamline sulphur application with Bio-Sul Premium Plus


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Bio-Sul Premium Plus is a next generation, nutrimental sulphur for a sustainable future. A brilliant Canadian innovation in crop science, Bio-Sul feeds the microbes in the soil, and is not a direct-to-plant fertilizer. It works as fast as chemical fertilizers but lasts multiple years. It can also be surface-applied at any time of year, instead of going down during the stressful spring-seeding operations. Bold statements… here’s how it’s done:

Bio-Sul’s nutrimental sulphur can be applied when it’s advantageous for you, with spring, fall, and in-crop applications available. Since Bio-Sul is a slow-release fertilizer, it eliminates the need for yearly application, saving you time and money – and that’s aside from being the most competitive dollar per pound/per acre sulphur product on the market today. Plus, Bio-Cycle Solutions distributors can apply the product directly to your fields using specialized applicators, freeing up your own valuable equipment and time.

Bio-Sul speeds up the seeding process by “taking a lot of product out of the seed drill… It also reduces the amount of fertilizer hauled to and from the farm, [reduces] wear and tear, as well as the amount of storage space required to handle [the] annual supply”, says Richard Limoges of Limoges Seed Farm near McLennan, Alberta.

Bio-Sul’s nutrimental sulphur has a low salt index. Ammonium sulphate can increase the salt index of your soil, but Bio-Sul has a lower index and is distributed on the soil surface, significantly reducing the risk of seed injury. These risks are even further mitigated by the slower release of plant-available sulphate through a biological process requiring soil bacteria, which lessens the chance of abrupt increases in soil acidity or pH. Elston Solberg, research agronomist with Sun Mountain Inc. in Edmonton, explains that “Elemental Sulphur (ES) is less acidulating than Ammonium Sulphate (AS) on a LB/IB basis. Since the conversion to SO4S is biological, the effect is further diminished” when using Bio-Sul.

Sulphur is particularly important for protein synthesis and is a key component of the amino acids needed for that process. It enhances the utilization of every other nutrient (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), and aids in the synthesis of stress fighters and antioxidants within plant tissues. Furthermore, sulphur plays a role in supporting compounds like glucosinolates, which help plants defend against certain insects and diseases.

Bio-Cycle Solutions is successfully making an environmentally friendly fertilizer product out of elemental sulphur. So, is it Elemental Sulphur or Sulphate? It’s both. It starts out as Elemental Sulphur (70%) and compost (30%) at the surface, but the Sulphur converts to a Sulphate before it reaches the plant. The nutrition it provides the microbes is why it is called “Nutrimental” Sulphur. With over a million acres spread in Alberta alone, the mutual benefits to your bottom line, the environment and the sustainability of Canadian farms are hard to ignore.

For more information about Bio-Sul’s Nutrimental Sulphur, please visit Bio-Cycle Solutions, or the Bio-Cycle Education Centre.


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