2020 has already been a challenging year, and we’re only just now approaching July. While there are plenty of reasons to be down about the year, many areas of Alberta that have endured three years of drought had finally been gifted good moisture, plenty of timely rain, and good heat.

Unfortunately, another part of farming on the Prairies is knowing that when you get that heat, there’s often some significant storms that follow. Calgary was hit with a devastating storm a couple of weeks ago, and on June 27th, southern Alberta was slammed again, this time with crop-shedding hail. Naturally, people took to Twitter to show some of what was going on.

Hail insurance is not uncommon in these areas — and growing up at Bow Island, Alta., it’s so common that it took me until I was in my late teens to even realize that it wasn’t a common thing across Canada. The “big white combine” as it is known by too many in the southern parts of the Prairies, can take a field out at 100 per cent damage within minutes. As farmers, heading out to see what the damage looks like around the area after one of these storms rips is all too common, and always a tough tour to do. Here’s what some of the damage looks like in the area.


2 thoughts on “Summer storm slams southern Alberta

  1. We received 1.5 in rain over the weekend ,up to tuesday morning .Feel sorry for people who had hail on their crop.

  2. Then the hail adjusters come out and tell you we will defer adjustment and see what comes back. Which is a load off crap! We grew crop that was there not what may come back. Just another way to screw the farmer

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