By now you’ve heard of the Prime Minister’s latest scandal, this time over his family’s involvement and government support of the WE Charity. It’s the third ethics probe/scandal that this prime minister has been involved in — and this latest gaffe makes me think about kid’s sports.

Have your kids played a sport where it feels like the coach is in that position — the only reason they’re coaching — is to be able to help out their own kid? You know, so little Johnny gets to play first base or pitch and isn’t left out in obscurity out in right field? Do you know a coach like that?

The coach that could have given the MVP to two or three other kids, but he somehow figures out a way to justify to give that MVP trophy to his own child, and somehow justify it to everyone as if it wasn’t even a question of who should get the MVP — do you know a coach like that?

I feel like I know a Prime Minister like that.

This has become a real trend for Prime Minister Trudeau in the sense that he doesn’t make very good decisions that take into consideration what is best for Canadians. He’s making decisions taking into consideration what’s good for his inner circle. Frankly, I’m quite disappointed.

In the beginning, in his first government, I had some high hopes, actually. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, that there was an opportunity here for such a high-profile celebrity-style prime minister to really make inroads in terms of foreign relations, and domestically. I think we can say that much of that has fallen flat.

Having said that, his popularity among Canadians during COVID-19 is at very high levels. If you called a snap election today, all things considered on the WE Charity scandal, he probably would win. He might even win a majority government.

On Thursday’s CBC at Issues Panel, Chantel Hébert made the comment to Rosemary Barton, the host of the panel, that this creates questions within the Liberal Party on what his future is within the party, even with the popularity he has, because his decision-making is not good.

How could there not be anyone in the PMO inner circle to say say “y’know, this isn’t going to go over well,” just like that coach I talked about at the beginning. It’s the same as the assistant coach stepping up and saying, “hey, you know buddy, you did a good job as head coach this year, but as your assistant coach, I’m not sure that we should give the MVP to your son.” Or “you know, I know it’s the final game, and I know he’s your kid, but I’m not sure that he’s the best pitcher to pitch in the final game — I think we should choose the Smith kid.”

Where are those assistant coaches for Prime Minister Trudeau? Where were they during this decision on what should happen to the funding with the WE Charity? It’s disappointing, for sure, and I wonder if even the teflon armour of Trudeau might not be enough this time, in the minds of Canadians.

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