In what is sure to be a growing trend for at least the current growing season, Maizex Seeds has announced its plot tours this summer will all be held virtually.

Farmers interested in attending can do so via an online platform or through the company’s website.

“We have invested in the digital tools necessary to showcase our products and agronomy efforts this summer despite the pandemic and resulting restrictions in some areas on gatherings we might normally have,” says Stephen Denys, brand director for Maizex. “Although the restrictions may be lifted and our traditional in-person plot tours allowed to take place, we decided to adopt this strategy so that our customers and growers have a safe venue to obtain this information if they do not feel comfortable in a group setting, with the added benefit that it is available 24/7.”

About 20 plot sites will be highlighted across Canada, each representing a distinct growing region, best-selling products, and new-to-market corn hybrid and soybean varieties. Each plot will be listed with weekly rainfall and CHU information, along with periodic photo and video updates from Maizex staff.

“The virtual plot tour project will actually allow us to provide growers with significantly more information and data than our traditional plot tours, so this is a strategy we plan to carry into the future, even when restrictions are lifted when the pandemic is (hopefully) under control,” says Denys.

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