Harvest season is upon us, and with hot, dry conditions comes the concern for equipment fires in the field. Are you prepared in case of an emergency?

The first line of defence is to clean equipment of caked-on oil, grease, and crop residues and by regularly removing excess residues or plant materials wrapped around bearings or belts. Check on hoses and fittings often, and don’t ignore a leak. But even with regular maintenance and cleaning, fires happen.

Fire extinguishers on the combine, tractors, or trucks in the field are a must, but here are just a few examples of fire extinguishing units installed right on the grain cart.

Double check fire extinguishers, and if you have a spare day before you start combining, consider building your own fire suppression unit like these farmers have. It’s a good idea to review fire safety procedures with your harvest crew before you begin. Make sure you know where your extinguishers are and test out extinguisher units before you head out the field.

Let’s hope you never have to use one, but better safe than sorry!

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One thought on “It’s harvest season: Show us your DIY fire safety wagons

  1. Never hear of wagons for thew job. Most everyone here just has a fire truck.
    Irrigation here requires us to burn head ditches and lateral canal each spring so we have fire trucks. A light truck even a half ton with a tank in the back and a gas powered pressure washer connected and a 50 or 70 foot hose.
    I have an ’89 chev 1/2 ton with a 150 gallon tank and a Princess Auto pressure washe, a container of extra gas and a couple of springy garden rakes which work good misses and small spot fires.
    Pressure washers make excellent fire fighting equipment for non bush areas (which this is). One can even fight fire out the window whilst driving, but it is better to have a dedicated driver.

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