Maizex Seeds: Driving performance through research testing


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With the theme of “Your Field, Your Farm, Our Country” driving research investment decisions, Maizex Seeds is poised for continued growth in the Prairie Provinces. “We have invested significant resources in building our product line both for Maizex seed corn and Elite brand soybeans in Western Canada,” says Stephen Denys, Brand Director with Maizex Seeds. He says farmers will see the performance difference on their farms going forward.

“In grain corn, we are building on the strength of hybrids like MZ 1688DBR with new hybrids like MZ 1544DBR for core regions of Manitoba,” adds Shawn Winter, Corn Product Development Manager for Maizex Seeds. “We also launched MZ 1200DBR this past winter, which is providing an early 70–72 day performance advantage in early maturity corn regions of the Prairies, both as a grain corn from Southern Alberta to Manitoba and as a high-performance early silage in areas from central Alberta to early regions of Manitoba.”

Early Maturity Focus

Winter says this is really just the beginning. “As we go forward, we will be commercializing hybrids firmly below a 70-day relative maturity for both grain corn and especially silage.” This will help meet the needs of farmers wanting the feed and grain yield advantage of growing corn who need corn that will finish with the shorter growing season they operate within. “We have increased our testing capabilities across the country to meet specific regional needs. For early maturity regions, this means selecting hybrids that will combine—really for the first-time—ultra-early maturity with higher yield performance.”

The company is also building on core hybrids that have been anchors in both silage and grazing areas of the Prairies. “A hybrid like MS 8022R is turning heads in feedlot alley, given its large stature and tonnage potential,” says Denys. “Meanwhile, MS 7420R is building on the performance advantage we had with LF 728R in grazing corn regions of Alberta. We are truly focused on selecting hybrids based on the performance potential we see for specific regions of the country.”

Field Experience in Positioning Hybrids for Success

In addition to their pre-commercial testing and research, the Maizex field team is working with farmers and their dealer network to better position hybrids field by field for success. “We are spending considerable time, both in our research plots and commercial fields, learning and understanding where specific hybrids should be placed for the best success,” says Jarret Geisel, Territory Manager covering regions of Saskatchewan and Manitoba with Maizex Seeds. “This is complemented through our Agronomy research plots where we are testing hybrids to understand how they will perform best under different soil, population, and management systems,” Geisel adds. He says this knowledge provides critical background information the Maizex team can match with hybrid performance to better position hybrids on the farm.

Future Growth in Soybean Acres

Denys notes that a similar focus on ultra-early maturity and performance testing is leading to a performance advantage in early-season soybeans, marketed under the Elite brand. “Varieties like Amirani R2 are providing new levels of early-day yield performance, and we see this advantage in new products we are developing for the market in the triple- and double-zero maturity range.” He adds that, after rapid growth years for soybean acres, the market has bottomed recently after several dry Augusts. “This has given us the ability to test varieties under different growing conditions, leading to new varieties with new levels of yield potential. We see soybean acres regaining strength as we go forward given the excellent fit this crop has in crop rotations.”

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