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At its core, agriculture is a careful and changing science. Each season gives growers another chance at perfecting its equation of crop cultivation by harnessing new knowledge, products, and hybrids to best address the varying factors of disease pressure, weather conditions, and market demands.

Navigating the equation’s yearly variables adds difficulty to the endless list of decisions a grower must make each season. However, the right seed partner can help optimize any operation, no matter what twists or challenges the upcoming season may hold.

Rising to meet each season

Changing disease pressures and weather patterns are placing new rotational needs and opportunities on growers each year. For DEKALB, recognizing, breeding and testing for local factors across Canada is paramount in their hybrid and variety development.

“Our breeding program is not only helping us continually improve operations across Canada with higher-yielding seeds, but it is allowing us to present new opportunities and choices to growers,” says Ron Rabe, Market Development Agronomist at Bayer. “Our early-maturing corn hybrids, for example, are bringing DEKALB’s potential for maximum yields to an increasing number of areas. This is allowing more growers to benefit from adding corn to their rotations in places where the crop was previously hindered by local weather conditions.”

DEKALB is focused on breeding for operational flexibility and disease control, so growers can be ready for whatever a growing season may throw at them. Traits such as TruFlex™ canola with Roundup Ready® Technology offer next generation genetics, with its DEKALB hybrid varieties allowing for wider herbicide application windows, compared to previous technology, and control of up to 51 weed species. With DEKALB’s extensive testing network across Canada and its ongoing genetic advancements, growers can be sure that they’ll find the right, locally-tested hybrid for their region and growing needs.

Keeping one step ahead

Growers not only focus only on the season at hand but also the challenges that may arise down the line. DEKALB recognizes the need for constant genetic development as growing conditions and needs change, and is committed to delivering new, higher-producing hybrids that can serve as solutions to these future issues.

As a part of Bayer, DEKALB’s pipeline is powered by the same industry-leading investment into research and development that, in 2019 alone, delivered 55 key project and formulation advancements, over 450 newly commercialized hybrids, and the first new mode of action in over three decades. With the use of Bayer’s genomic selection, advanced analytics with A.I., and precise phenotyping methodologies, DEKALB is able to bring superior, high-yielding, and dependable new genetics for corn, soybean, and canola to the Canadian market at a higher pace.

Leading with a digital advantage

DEKALB growers can also maximize their returns from each acre with Bayer’s digital intelligence tools. With Climate FieldView™, growers can turn field data into valuable insights that empower them to better manage field variabilities and optimize inputs.

“What growers need to consider is that by choosing DEKALB, they’re getting more than just a seed provider,” says George Shelswell, Grower and Channel Marketing Manager with Bayer. “They’re also getting the support of a partner they can count on to provide advancing seed and management solutions for both this season and those yet to come.”

Climate FieldView allows growers to evaluate field conditions and hybrid performance using satellite imagery, historic field information, and yield data that are specific to their fields. With the platform’s seed scripting models, DEKALB corn growers can build data-driven seed prescription rates tailored specifically for their corn acres and designed to help meet their yield and profitability goals.

Climate FieldView also arms DEKALB growers with the advantage of having a set of continually-improving digital tools in their arsenal. Upcoming innovations currently in the testing stages include a new spray model for canola that will help with efficient fungicide applications for the best return on investment. With a range of new features constantly in development, growers can count on the platform to further simplify their field management and improve their hybrid performance in the future.

For more information about DEKALB visit DEKALB.ca

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