Deere combines feature new front end lineup


The new X9 series John Deere combine has plenty to offer at the back end, but there’s been significant changes at the front of the combine too, with an all-new header model line-up. Joining Bernard Tobin for a breakdown of the new headers, is Matt Daniels, product manager for front end equipment with John Deere.

The new HDR, or hinge frame draper has a rigid cutter bar and is available in 35 to 50 foot options — going from a 45 to 50 foot header, means a potential extra 33 acres harvested per day. For 2021, John Deere plans to add a hinge frame draper with a flexible cutter bar, says Daniels.

The new HydraFlex drapers (the RDF), which replaces the 700 flex draper header, has a new two speed centre feed section, allowing the operator to use a low speed to reduce crop loss, or high speed for high-yielding crops like wheat or canola.

Deflectors and fenders are the star feature of the new CR and CF corn headers, and active end fenders and stalk deflectors come installed straight from the factory, says Daniels. Those new stalk deflectors will help save not only the combine tires, but also the grain cart, tractor, or truck tires too.

Visibility during field to field transport and folding time have been improved for the CF corn header — it can fold and unfold in less than 40 seconds on the X9 series, and on an S series combine, folding and unfolding takes less than a minute.

The new BP15 belt pickup is capable of feeding and handling those larger swaths and for better ground following. It comes equipped with a crop shield, ready installed to the top beam, to make sure all the crop is caught in the feeder house.

The new header control unit pulls it all together, by eliminating the need to calibrate with factory calibrations built-in, on delivery.

“Additionally, we can now track hours on our header unit, so that allows us to better maintain our front-end equipment, but also allows us to offer John Deere’s power guard protection program, which is an extended warranty program, so that way we can help that cost of ownership for the farmers so that way there’s no unexpected costs,” says Daniels.

Check out the video for footage of the new heads in action at the recent John Deere demo at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa. 

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