You may remember the announcement of the movie PERCY back in 2018, which follows the story of Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser through his battle with the multinational corporation Monsanto — which was acquired by Bayer in May of 2018.

As of September 2, 2020, the trailer for the movie has been released and there have been mixed feelings about it, since many farmers vividly remember the events featured in the movie and the high profile legal dispute.

According to a press release sent by Mongrel Media, it is based on “actual events” that follow the story of Percy’s fight against Monsanto, when the company’s GMO canola was discovered in the then 70-year-old farmer’s crops. In the trailer, Schmeiser (played by Christopher Walken) tells what is portrayed as a “David-and-Goliath” fight as he challenges Monsanto’s legal rights to patent life in the highest court. As he continues to speak out against the company’s business practices, Percy realizes he is representing thousands of other “disenfranchised farmers” around the world fighting the same battle.

Reactions to the trailer release have been mixed, however they tend to lean towards the negative. Many farmers, especially across western Canada, don’t remember it going down in the way that it is portrayed in the trailer. Essentially, Monsanto is presented as the big bad wolf of the story, the corporation that is just out to get the farmers’ money. But is that REALLY what happened? Is this just another case of corporate ag being strung out in a negative way? It seems to pit one against the other when really, we are trying to create a unified positive message of our industry to the non-agricultural community.

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