Welcome to a brand new month! Summer may be quickly speeding away, but we’re here to help you with the transition with another great episode of RealAg Radio.

We’ve got a bit of a twist on today’s show — with all of the conferences and tradeshows being canceled due to COVID-19, we haven’t been able to do any on-location shows. For these on-locations, typically what we would do is host the show from a client’s booth, while hearing from some of the client representatives. Today we are doing what we are calling  a “Virtual On-Location.” Today’s show sponsor is BASF and InVigor hybrid canola. On today’s lineup, you’ll hear:

  • Jon Driedger of LeftField Commodity Research, on yesterday’s StatsCan report — what StatsCan is expecting in terms of canola production, and what does that mean for the market;
  • Blaine Woycheshin, Canadian lead for InVigor hybrid canola, on two new exciting hybrids that InVigor has for the spring of 2020; and
  • An agronomic panel featuring host Shaun Haney with Leighton Blashko and Allison MacLellan of BASF, on things you want to keep your eyes out for at this point in the growing season.

Do you have feedback on the show? Connect with host Shaun Haney via email [email protected], on Twitter by using the hashtag #RealAgRadio, or give us a shout on the listener line, 1-855-776-6147.

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