Imagine putting over 12 thousand acres of corn in one bin. Or more than 53 thousand acres of canola, if that was possible.

Based on the latest corn and canola yield estimates from the USDA and Statistics Canada, respectively, that’s roughly how much will fit in the world’s largest free span grain bin, according to the company that designed and manufactured the massive structure.

Bin and grain handling equipment-maker Sukup says construction is underway on a 2.2 million bushel grain bin at an ethanol production plant in Mason City, Iowa.

The bin will have a diameter of 165 feet, with 30 rings giving it a peak height of 155 feet 7 inches.

Sukup says ground was broken for the massive bin on September 14 at Golden Grain Energy. It’s expected to be complete in May or June of next year.

“Sukup constantly strives push the boundaries of innovation, while maintaining the excellent customer service and high quality that the agriculture industry has come to expect of us as a family owned company,” says Steve Sukup, president and CEO of Sukup Manufacturing. “We are thrilled to again have achieved the mile stone of designing and manufacturing the largest freestanding grain bin in the world.”

The previous record-holding bin was also made by Sukup, with a diameter of 156 feet.

One thought on “2.2 million bushels…in one grain bin

  1. Wow that is going to be quite a bin . What about a fire ?? There was a bin like that in winkler full of sunflowers which caught on fire from the drag underneath and it was a real problem to put out . Now there are four 50000 bushel bins on the big cement pad .

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