BUTEO start offers early season protection from flea beetles


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Bayer CropScience has launched BUTEO™ start, a new insecticide seed treatment option for canola in Western Canada targeted at early control of flea beetles.

There are two main types of flea beetles: striped and crucifer, explains Andrew Chisholm, Traits and Trait Launch Manager with Bayer CropScience.

The striped flea beetle is really starting to increase in numbers across the Prairies, and that is significant, as this type of flea beetle hits early in the spring — usually after the first warm spell of weather — and can cause a significant economic impact.

BUTEO start offers protection against flea beetles right off the bat, from that early pressure, he says. It’s a Group 4D insecticide, offering rapid uptake and systematic translocation throughout the plant. Growers will see protection against feeding on cotyledons and leaf margins, where the flea beetles usually go to attack right off the bat.

Having that strong plant right off the start can really help, especially through dry conditions, Chisholm says, and BUTEO start can be used in combination with other industry standard base seed treatments for targeted pest control.

“Flea beetles can do a lot of damage in a short period of time, and they start to weaken that canola plant, which all of a sudden leads to poor plant stands, delayed maturity, reducing yields, and even some growers having to reseed. So having [early season protection from] BUTEO start… can help to strengthen that plant, let it get through its critical early stages, and usually by the three leaf stage the flea beetle isn’t there, and then you’re able to move through your plant’s growth progress as normal,” he says.

Using seed treated with BUTEO start offers farmers the chance to get ahead of flea beetle pressure, and maintain plant health through the critical early spring growth period.

“Having BUTEO start and having it move through the plant in those critical areas is really giving [growers] the confidence from day one,” Chisholm says.

For more information about BUTEO start, talk to your Bayer representative or visit BUTEOstart.ca


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