Climate FieldView and data privacy


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We take your privacy seriously

Crops aren’t the only things you’re out there producing on your farm. Season after season, you’re also producing a ton of data. Data that you can use to help you make better, more informed decisions for your operation when you use innovative digital farming products like Climate FieldView™.

But, while it’s true that you can reap incredible benefits from using your farm’s data, there have also been questions about your data privacy and what that truly means to you and your farm. Questions like “Who owns my data?”, “Who can I share my data with?” and “What will my data be used for beyond the borders of my farm?” These are all really good questions. Ones for which there happen to be some really good answers.

So, let’s break down those questions and concerns one by one.

Question: When I use Climate FieldView, who owns my data?

Answer: The short answer is you and only you. You own the farm data you provide to Climate FieldView including any data generated from the farming equipment you operate. After all, the full value of using a digital ag platform is only realized when your data can be simplified, analyzed and turned into insights that benefit YOUR farm. That’s why we exist. We’re in the business of applying data science to drive innovation in agriculture that will increase yield, efficiency and profitability for farmers like you. In other words, we do not (and will not) sell your personal information or your farm’s data. We do not (and will not) share your personal information or your farm’s data with third-party platform partners without your explicit consent. And we are committed to making sure we always ask for your consent before using any data for any other purpose other than what’s outlined in our Climate Privacy Statement.

Question: Who can I share my data with?

Answer: That’s totally up to you. If you feel it will benefit your operation, you can choose to share your data with your trusted agronomic partners, advisors or anyone else on your team. Our customers have full control over if and when they decide to enable information sharing with anyone. We are committed to an ongoing dialogue with our customers to ensure our stewardship of their data meets their expectations. We consider it our top priority and always will.

Question: Will my data be used for anything beyond the borders of my farm?

Answer: In our never ending journey to make Climate FieldView the most innovative digital ag platform on the market, we do combine publicly available information with anonymized insights from multiple customers’ farms. This helps us with the development, production, and deployment of new products to help our customers make the most informed decisions to help them minimize risk while maximizing yield. This could include both the data science services we provide, as well as the seed and crop protection products we manufacture. Why do we do that?  Well, this is essential for us to be able to deliver the full value of digital farming to our customers across the country. By using aggregated information in our research and development, we can accelerate the rate of ag innovation by identifying, understanding and analyzing interdependencies that drive productivity. In other words, by using aggregated information (which is never personally identifiable to a customer) we make FieldView™ better for you and your operation. How? In the past we’ve used aggregated information to help identify and create variable rate seeding prescriptions that will perform best on your field. Aggregated data has also helped us with the development of potential new seed or crop protection products that help you do what you do better and more efficiently.

When it’s all said and done, you can be sure that data privacy is something we take very seriously. It’s important to you and important to us as we continue to push the boundaries of what digital agriculture can do for you, your yield potential and your bottom line.

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