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Each year, canola covers about 20 million acres of Canadian farmland. Each of those acres represent countless growing decisions that an operator has made as they navigated the challenges of their region and of the season.

For canola growers, there is little room for guesswork. That is why DEKALB® has a range of canola hybrids and compatible disease and pest management solutions that are designed to streamline the decision-making process and optimize yield for growers across Canada.

It starts with the seed

A strong harvest starts with an optimal seed. As a cross-country crop, what is optimal to one grower differs from region to region, and farm to farm. DEKALB hybrids incorporate innovative traits that are designed to perform in a range of growing environments. These genetics undergo extensive local testing to ensure high-yielding performance when faced with an array of conditions, such as weeds, disease, and variable weather.

DEKALB’s canola pipeline is backed by an extensive research and testing network as well as Bayer’s exclusive genetic diversity. Bayer’s depth of expertise enabled the development of TruFlex™ canola with Roundup Ready® technology hybrids in response not only to the intricacies of the Canadian landscape, but also the changing trends and habits seen on operations across the country.

In 2019, DEKALB launched its first canola hybrid with TruFlex canola with Roundup Ready and LibertyLink® technologies. The hybrid addresses challenges growers face in regards to herbicide resistant weeds and gives the flexibility to choose between two unique modes of action. DEKALB also responded to the rise in straight-cutting with hybrids bred to ensure smooth and fast harvests. Its SC hybrids offer a consistent crop stand, early maturity, high pod integrity and quick dry-down to ensure the straight-cut process is as effective and high-yielding as possible.

Protecting your canola at every stage

DEKALB is part of Bayer’s integrated crop management portfolio, which includes a system of weed and pest control solutions designed to protect and strengthen DEKALB hybrids. When designing a crop defense strategy for the upcoming season, growers can pair their DEKALB hybrids with products from Bayer’s line of seed treatments and fungicides for protection that addresses both their needs and the biggest risks expected to face Canadian canola in 2021.

With striped and crucifer flea beetle pressure on the rise across the West, growers can shield their crops from severe damage by adding BUTEO™ start to their hybrids.  Entering the market for 2021, the new insecticide seed treatment is designed to minimize the risk of crop loss from flea beetles and empower canola to establish early and grow strong.

DEKALB hybrids can also be guarded effectively from variable sclerotinia pressure with the use of Proline® and Proline GOLD®. This upcoming season, growers can depend on Proline GOLD and its two highly effective active ingredients to provide a new level of protection in regions where the disease is at its worst. With the addition of Proline GOLD to Bayer’s lineup, DEKALB growers can target sclerotinia across their operations by severity to ensure that each acre gets the exact protection it needs.

Ensuring future growth

As canola growers know, any two seasons are rarely the same. To ensure sustainability and dependable growth for producers both this year and beyond, DEKALB is continually developing innovative new products that will meet the changing needs of Canadian growers. Bayer’s precision breeding technologies allow them to breed superior DEKALB hybrids with changing disease, harvest, and environmental conditions in mind. This quick pace allows Bayer to provide a range of new, high-yielding options each season that not only offer quality performance, but also address the common challenges growers may see that year.

Growers can count on DEKALB’s pipeline to hold innovations that will allow them to better address changing pressures with new modes of resistance and improved genetics. DEKALB’s commitment to canola optimization and development makes it a strong partner for Canadian canola growers across the country. With a range of seed options, complementary protection solutions, and a deep innovation pipeline, DEKALB canola offers the solid foundation that growers need to ensure a strong crop and high yield, each and every season.

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