Plant populations, layering data, and planning for '21 — a LIVE! with Andria Karstens


If you’ve ever wondered how to integrate field maps, yield data, and more into one decision making tool, check out this LIVE! Q&A segment featuring Andria Karstens, with Climate Fieldview.

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  • What’s better: farming in Ontario or in Western Canada? Just kidding!
  • Harvest is largely wrapped in the west, which means it’s time to be looking to 2021 (thank goodness!)
  • Start with data!
  • And get that data off the yield monitors, please. It doesn’t do you any good just sitting there.
  • Figure out “What worked well, what didn’t? What do we want to improve?”
  • What about sharing data with Fieldview platform? You choose who you share with, and allows you to do exactly that, because sometimes sharing is useful
  • Karstens’ family still farms at Wilkie, Sask., and they’re using the platform to evaluate new hybrids, or evaluate variety performance on-farm, under their specific farm conditions and management
  • Fieldview vs other platforms? In some cases where say, your retail site does prescription maps, but you buy seed somewhere else, it’s a great fit and offers flexibility that way. Others, it’s all one parcel. Talk to your rep (or Karstens!)
  • On Twitter she is @avkarstens — get in touch with her or a Climate Fieldview rep to compare and contrast offerings
  • Can compare side by side data (from different years)
  • Re: Corn population tool, some added information in the background feeds into population recommendations
  • Often seeding rates end up about the same amount total, but re-distributed throughout the field
  • Recommendations are just that — you can move some of the goals and zones and those kinds of things, and see how the numbers change
  • Your agronomist or sales team could view what your plans are, too
  • Corn only right now. Because corn is king!
  • The tool is actually moving to predicting what hybrid might be a good or better fit for your farm
  • What about integrating something like SmartFirmer from Precision Planting, for example?
  • “We have all the information, we might as well use it!”

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