Kraft Heinz has announced it will return to making ketchup in Canada by late summer 2021 at an existing Kraft facility in Quebec.

The project is a joint investment between Kraft Heinz Canada and the Government of Quebec’s business expansion program.

Located near Montreal, updates to the Mont Royal facility are expected to allow for production of 100 million pounds of Heinz ketchup in the first two years as production ramps up.

For the time being, the company will import raw product from California, the company says.

The facility employs about 750 people, and the addition of the ketchup processing will add 30 jobs.

The total upgrade is expected to cost $17 million, with Quebec chipping in $2 million towards the project.

Kraft Heinz Canada is bringing ketchup production back to Canada. (CNW Group/Kraft-Heinz Canada)

“Kraft Heinz Canada is pleased to partner with the Quebec Government on this investment in bringing ketchup production back to Canada from the U.S.,” says Bruno Keller, president, Kraft Heinz Canada. “Through our partnership with Quebec and increased efficiencies at our Mont Royal facility, it became possible to return this iconic product back to Canada for Canadians at this time.”

Heinz ceased operating its tomato processing facility in Leamington, Ont., almost exactly seven years ago. The move spawned a market run-up in French’s competing ketchup, as that company continued to process in Canada.

2 thoughts on “Heinz returns to making ketchup in Canada, but not in Ontario

  1. The real ,true Canadian Ketchup is Primo, now if only the grocery chains did not demand so much money for there shelf space.
    After Heinz bailed from Leamington , Highbury Cnco bought it and cut wages and benefits and wanted to cut what they paid farmers and still produce products for Heinz I have no desire to buy any Heinz/Kraft products.
    And then we have Minister Hardeman do the same thing Carol Mitchell did to the Ontario Pork farmers and do away with there bargaining process for tomatoes and carrots. Shame on Ernie & Carol

  2. As far as my family is concerned, Heinz can keep their ketchup. Once they shut down the Canadian facility 7 years ago, tomato farmers were scrambling to sell their product and as the information above states, it seems the tomatoes will still be sourced out of the states, California actually. That may change but who cares. The damage was done!! People that want to eat that product that has different less constrictive regulations than Canada on the use of pesticides etc, go for it!! Enjoy!!

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