Since the acquisition of Dot Technology from the Beaujot family and SeedMaster by Raven Autonomy, the technological marvel — that always draws a crowd at trade shows — will advance even further.

Wade Robey, executive director of Raven Autonomy, joined Kara Oosterhuis to talk about the transition from the previous owners, DOT moving under Raven’s wing, and what customers can expect to see next from the tech.

“This past year I’ve assumed responsibility for our new strategic platform for growth in autonomy that will bring forward our applied technology division,” says Robey. “Raven has actually been developing technology for precision ag for about 42 years now, with the last few decades really being focused on technologies that we’re finding being used for both semi-autonomy, and as we look forward will be key on autonomous platforms.”

Raven Autonomy completed the full acquisition of DOT this past June. Looking ahead, Raven’s aim is to release a full-suite turn-key system, that a farmer or ag retailer could purchase, in time for next year.

Raven’s goals for the autonomous technology are to expand globally, perhaps at a faster rate than SeedMaster would have, says Robey. There’s certainly interest from customers beyond Western Canada and for more than just a seeding unit — DOT can be coupled with multiple implements, like the seeder, but also a sprayer unit and a fertilizer spreader unit. Raven’s also looking for other types of implements in the future.

Check out the full conversation between Robey and Oosterhuis below:

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