Starting this month, the Peterborough, Ontario, fairlife* plant will begin using 100 per cent Canadian milk for its ultrafiltered milk offerings.

The lower sugar, higher protein fairlife milk is offered in 1.5-litre bottles of  2% white, 2% chocolate, whole and skim milk.

Consumers will now see the Canadian maple leaf and the Dairy Farmers of Canada “blue cow” logo on the Coca-Cola-owned products.

“We are very proud to announce that fairlife is now made in Canada with 100 per cent Canadian milk,” says Darlene Nicosia, president of Coca-Cola Ltd. “We brought fairlife to Canada because we believe its superior taste and nutritional benefits are the perfect fit for Canadian families who are seeking greater balance in their everyday lives.”

fairlife began building its $85 million Peterborough plant in 2018. The product was introduced to Canadian shelves prior to this, however, meaning it used U.S.-sourced milk, raising the ire of some Canadian dairy farmers and farm supporters.

*The fairlife brand spells its name with a lower case f.

One thought on “Specialty milk fairlife officially moves to 100% Canadian supply

  1. Why would any Canadian support an American company coming up here to use our milk and sell it back to us at a higher cost. This is an EXTREMELY HORIIBLE time to trust Anything from that sh*thole country.

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