Daryl Fransoo, grain farmer at Glaslyn, Sask., and Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association (WCWGA) director joins us for today’s LIVE! to talk farm policy, public trust, and more!

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  • Grain farmer at Glaslyn, Sask. Brother just joined and harvested his first crop
  • Public policy is a family thing for Fransoo
  • Where does the interest in policy come from? Around the kitchen table. APAS had a mentorship program that got him involved, too.
  • Did the pandemic change the way Fransoo farmed? Agriculture has come out of it ok.
  • Clean Fuel Standard. Going to take time to get the actual numbers. Will producers have to bear some costs?
  • Carbon tax? Against it from day one. It just doesn’t work for farmers in Canada. We’re environmentally friendly, sequestering carbon, but we’re getting punished for it.
  • How do we get government to listen? That’s a billion dollar question. It falls on deaf ears time and time again.
  • What about locally? In Saskatchewan, the government has been amicable with farmers, and they’ve been working against the carbon tax. We’ll see how it goes.
  • What about a carbon exchange?
  • Responsible Grain. It’s not new, but people are tuning in now. Fransoo has questions. Are the consultations going to be enough?
  • Public trust, transportation, TFWs, 11 or 12 directors all have their specialties and projects that they want to work on
  • Transportation, blockades weren’t helpful for farmers. Containers? If there’s a shortage, it becomes really harsh for farmers.
  • Using the word sustainability, and people’s reactions. There’s no specific definition and the “goalpost always moves”. Where does it end?
  • When can we expect to see the basis broken down on our grain tickets (transport, handling, demurrage)?
  • “We need more farmers making good decisions for farmers”
  • So how can farmers get involved? When there are consultations, get involved, run for a board position.
  • What’s the future of grain grading in terms of automated and quantitative and less qualitative dockage factors?
  • Barley, hard red spring maybe going into the crop rotation, nothing too different. Fransoo’s area is very limited, so agronomically it’s a challenge. Dealing with a really short growing season
  • Fransoo sat on the DoMoreAg board. He’s seeing the stigma with mental health starting to disappear in agriculture. “Keep propping people up”

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