Is AgriStability enough?


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AgriStability covers 70% of your risk margin, but what about the 30% that’s left without coverage? That’s a coverage gap that might just be too big to ignore.

You care about protecting your farm, but private insurance hasn’t seemed worth the steep investment. Yet you know that Production Cost Insurance could cover more of your risk and help you farm for maximum profits.

That’s where AgWrap comes in.

Now that the government has excluded private insurance payments from your AgriStability revenue calculation, AgWrap from Global Ag Risk Solutions can act like a top-up. More than a top-up really, we fill in everywhere AgriStability doesn’t pay and top you up to 100% coverage.

You can now receive a full Production Cost Insurance policy for at least 40% lower cost on your private insurance premiums from us.

Here’s How it Works

We fill in the remaining 30 cents that AgriStability doesn’t cover, and we top up 100% of your risk margin above AgriStability’s coverage with our full coverage policy, plus we cover all of your three major inputs.

That leaves you completely covered for less.

Get a quote at to see how AgWrap can work together with your AgriStability policy to keep you completely covered.


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