Real partnerships and fostering your leadership effectiveness — LIVE! with Kelly Dobson


What does it mean to be a good leader, really? What does it take to get improve, and how do you measure your progress?

Kelly Dobson of LeaderShift Inc. joins Shaun Haney for today’s RealAg LIVE!

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  • What does partnership really mean? It’s not a legal term, in this context
  • Real partnership is everyone feeling responsible for the success of a farm
  • Unfortunately, it’s seen sometimes as on/off or yes/no, instead of the middle ground where real work can happen
  • Temperament matters
  • Natural born leader …is not as strong in effectiveness as we used to think
  • Hidden talent shows up in the darnedest places
  • It’s not even about top-down or even bottom-up decisions, it’s more about does everyone knowing how decisions are made, what the goals are, and what decision will get you there
  • When an organization measures for leadership talent, they’re more successful
  • Surprising places/people that are overlooked for leadership positions? Women. Relationship skills, development and mentorship, are things women excel at
  • How do I know I’m getting better? How do I know if the reading, the work, the webinars, the self-improvement, how do I know it’s working?
  • Targets and goals: draw a line in the sand and decide what improvement will look like. Plan for it!
  • Make it personal and individual
  • Feedback matters, so very much
  • How important is being yourself? Leadership looks different for different people
  • Sometimes, we don’t ask other people how they perceive us. Versus how we see ourselves
  • What’s getting in the way of farmers taking their leadership to the next level? Where to start, mindsets (growth vs. fixed), and everyone wants a quick fix
  • Low hanging fruit: realizing what’s really going on and developing a plan. AND they can start a conversation the very next day, that are effective, and not always about solving a problem, more about outcomes
  • It’s a human development issue
  • “You can’t outsource leadership.” And that SUCKS, sometimes, right?
  • How much time do you spend convincing everyone that you know what you’re doing….zing!
  • What about mental health? Well, it’s really hard to leap forward when you’re worn out
  • How driven are you? Drivenness is not sustainable and not scaleable. What got you here as a 20 or 30 year old, won’t sustain you. Caffeine, cigarettes, or booze isn’t sustainable.

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