A plant without sunlight can't grow and neither can you


If you clicked on this article, you’re probably wondering what “live your best life” I’m spewing out now.

Today’s focus is sunlight. The polar vortex that has dominated the Prairies is making its way south of the border in a hurry (which, if you are reading this and from the parts of the U.S. that are seeing abnormally cold temperatures, I’m sending my warmest hugs).

I’m situated in southern Alberta, and yesterday was the first day in about ten days that it’s been a happy -12 C with a light breeze. So, I celebrated how I think most should: I went for a walk.

I am fortunate enough to live on an acreage where I have plenty of space to walk and get outside. However, I’ve been using the “it’s absolute zero outside and I’m not going to even try” excuse, and I didn’t realize how cold that’s been making me inside.

So while I was outside walking, and marvelling at how my mood changed from anxious and jittery to full and clear, I got to thinking. Why don’t I do this more often? We always hear about how important sunlight is. But if you’re like me, often the day gets away, and making time just simply doesn’t happen.

Whatever your role in the agricultural industry is, I think we all understand one concept: plants need sunshine to grow. Some need more than others, but they all need it in some way, shape, or form. I can always seem to grow plants outside, but there’s something about house plants. When should you pull it back from the window when it’s too cold? When should you give it that extra dose of water (without giving it TOO much)? When do you swap a plant into the prime window spot?

There’s of course no hard and fast rule, as all plants are different, much like we as humans are. However, if you sometimes lack the indoor green thumb as I do, you’ve probably witnessed the miracle of a plant — looking sad, wilted, and on its death bed — get a whole new level of perk after it gets that ideal sunshine it needs.

It may be a “temporary fix”, but if that winter weather lets up wherever you are at, and you’ve been feeling the winter blues I have been — get outside. Within a half hour walk, I went from that ugly corner houseplant to the one that has moved into the window for some good ol’ vitamin D — still feeling straggly and ready for spring, don’t get me wrong, but feeling OK.

This is your friendly reminder to go get yourself some sunshine. It’s amazing what five minutes can do. And while we’re giving out reminders: drink your water and wash your hands too, please. 🙂

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