Automated Bin Management


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Security systems, insurance and data analytics are used globally to bring comfort to users across a variety of industries. Agriculture is no different. AGI SureTrack® offers a bin management system that delivers peace of mind through real time data, monitoring and automation. Essentially, AGI SureTrack offers smart storage. What sets AGI SureTrack apart is its state-of-the-art software, easily accessible from any internet enabled device.

BinManager® is a complete bin management solution that uses laboratory-based seed characteristics, weather data and grower goals to condition the stored grain to its optimal preservation. Sensors within the grain capture temperature and moisture readings that drive fan and heater response to a specific outcome, thus saving energy costs and potentially increasing market value. Exclusively, BinManager offers a CO2 sensor that alerts to spoilage in tandem with cable sensors.

BinCheck Deluxe is a cost-effective, market competitive monitoring system that reports temperature, moisture and inventory without automation. Users can automate the alerts generated from the software. Solar is available for regions that require alternative power sources.

Retrofit existing bins or start new, an AGI SureTrack bin management system is easily installed any time of year. Have grain in the bin? No problem, you can install cables on top of the grain and rely on the CO2 sensor to alert of spoilage until the cables are allowed to run the full length on the next fill. Use BinManager to preserve grain quality, value and bushel weight while preventing spoilage and shrinkage in the bin.

You’re in the driver’s seat with AGI SureTrack hardware and software. Certified Ag Data Transparent, the SureTrack software system is designed to drive profit from every aspect of the growing season. A complete seed selection library, CDMS, event planning tool, and marketplace are included with the annual subscription. Users can add hardware across the farm to increase the data reported and drive profit through further efficiencies.  Simple bin monitoring or full farm management, whatever pathway you select, our live customer support is trained and ready to serve you. Consider our team an extension of your farm. Another set of eyes on your bins, if you get too busy to notice an automated alert.

Ready to get started or explore what kind of return on investment an AGI SureTrack bin management system can deliver to your operation? Visit to find more information or discover your local dealer or sales representative through the Find a Rep tool.



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