Meet Paul Klaesi of Fepro Farms near Cobden, Ont., a pioneer in cold weather biogas generation.

Klaesi and his family came to a Canadian dairy farm from Switzerland in 1990. At the time, Klaesi had been looking into biogas generation, but shelved the idea while he built the farm in Canada.

By 2000, he felt the farm was established enough to spend the time to dig in once again, and in 2003 flipped the switch on the first biodigester for the farm.

The farm milks 180 cows, and uses both dairy manure and off-farm material to generate power. Klaesi says that they are fortunate as early adopters of the technology to have a contract for about 8,000 cubic metres of off-farm material to incorporate into the biodigestion.

For this second episode of the Farming Biogas Podcast, host Shaun Haney is joined by Klaesi to discuss the farm set up, how energy is used on-farm, selling energy, and the benefits of farming biogas.

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