Mice, flax, a birthday, and what’s supposed to be the sole topic of today’s conversation: markets. There’s a lot to cover in market talk lately.

Making the markets make sense with Kara Oosterhuis for today’s RealAg LIVE! is Brian Voth of IntelliFARM Inc.

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  • Voth starts out the call by wishing Kara a happy birthday, and in turn, Brian must tell an embarrassing story about mice and flax
  • Weather talk, cold days
  • Ok onto the markets, the WASDE report?
  • Eyes on the soybeans side. Ferocious demand from China, ASF swept through last fall, shutdowns, and demand is ramping up
  • USDA is hesitant to drop too much too fast, risk of spooking the market (Brian has a lot of great words today)
  • “Export sales don’t always translate into export deliveries”
  • How can grain get exported to an “unknown” location
  • Gunpoint is not an actual place to go visit
  • A choose your own adventure for shipping containers
  • Feed crop barley, it’s going crazy Brian, tell us about it.
  • Increase in acres and increase in production, malt market has been so flat for so many years
  • Won’t really have much of an affect on the malt market, its such a small market and malt demand is stable, or flat year to year
  • Bad beer LIVE! taste-testing?
  • What will the percentage increase in canola acres for 2021 be? Acreage debate will be interesting. Even 2.5 million more acres won’t be that detrimental because of the old crop situation
  • Moisture will be a factor
  • Pulses! (World Pulses Day) Flat carryouts in the last couple of years. Maybe a bit more pea acres weighted to the yellows side. Lentils will probably lose some acres. The commodity boom from the last 5 months will trickle down to pulse prices
  • Soybeans in Western Canada? Up half to three quarters of a million acres in Canada overall. Manitoba acres probably won’t go through the roof though. Lack of August rain…
  • Are we in a weather market now?
  • South America doesn’t have anything left, and doesn’t have the capacity to pick up the slack.
  • Would ASF in China impact exports?
  • Oats?
  • Wheat? What does Brian see for futures and cash? It’s not subject to the same supply constraints
  • Russia and its wheat: PSYCH!
  • Brian wants to know: with different commodities what’s going up in acres and what’s going down? Alternatives?
  • Ok fine, a little bit of NBA talk

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