Rural crime is unfortunately one of those topics that more of us have been impacted by than not. Whether it be through a neighbour, your own farm, or a friend across the country, rural crime happens. Farm specific crime, such as stolen fuel or grain or rustled animals, often ticks up when commodity prices rise.

This begs the question: are we doing enough on our own farms to protect valuables?

Vote in our poll below on what security measures you take on your farm:

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One thought on “What do you do for farm security?

  1. My farm HQ’s is 18 km away. So I lock the door of the shop and one storage building. I have locks on fuel tanks. The locks would not stop anyone but it would allow me to know if theft has occurred. I have locked bins on occasion for peace of mind. But I hate moving up to a grain bin yard to load and find I have no key. So I sort of stop locking bins. There have never been grain theft in this municipality. Cattle theft has never occurred cattle go missing sometimes but never any proof of theft.
    We never lock the house. For many years we couldn’t lock the house as no one knew where the key was.
    The crime rate in this municipality is infinitesimally small. Mostly because of our isolated position. The RCMP gives a quarterly report to municipal council. There is usually a traffic ticket. Sometimes an accident. But theft is rare. I think it was in 2017 some GPS equipment was stolen. I never lock machinery even left in the field for days. I always leave all keys in the ignitions of all trucks and machinery. That way I know where the keys are. I hate keys.
    If thieves ever discovered our area they would be happy to move in I am sure because security is very scarce. So don’t read this on the air.

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