Will it be a cold or warm spring? How much moisture can we expect? It’s helpful to know what’s in the longer-term forecast to be able to plan the spring field-work accordingly.

Brett Anderson of AccuWeather joins guest host Lyndsey Smith for today’s RealAg LIVE!

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  • For Ontario, where are we sitting for averages? Bit of a mixed bag. Less snow in some areas, milder temps
  • No signs of developing drought!
  • Storm forecast for the Great Lakes…
  • Lack of snowpack in places so spring flooding not likely
  • Wetter for precipitation probably and little bit warmer
  • La Niña will have some impact by way of Colorado lows that will move up to the Great Lakes (classic)
  • Let’s cover a wee bit of the U.S.; the southwest has exceptional drought heading into their dry season, which would extend into the southern high plains, May to July will be a challenging time
  • Snowpack in the Sierra Nevada and pointing north to the Cascades is good
  • Media is getting more in tune with the problems faced
  • Brett actually does a lot of the graphics; the most popular one: viewing conditions for astronomical events
  • Every farmer measures the rain; don’t pour water in your neighbour’s rain gauge, that’s a dirty trick
  • What about a tick forecast? Brett personally hasn’t but AccuWeather has put out tick forecasts in the past
  • One last note from Brett: he doesn’t see any unusual late-season freezing temps for late April, for much of Southern Canada

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