RealAg LIVE! with Colleen Redlick on fungicide resistance management


Herbicide resistance is unfortunately on farmers’ radars lately. Crop diseases becoming resistant to existing fungicides is thankfully not super common, but fungicide resistance has and will happen.

To discuss how resistance develops, best management practices to avoid it, and which chemistries are most at risk, RealAg LIVE! host Shaun Haney is joined by Colleen Redlick of BASF Canada.

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  • Should we be worried about fungicide resistance?
  • Herbicide resistance is relatively well understood
  • Awareness around the issue with fungicide is pretty low
  • There’s more fungicide going down now vs. 10 years ago
  • Good news: there really is very little resistance out there
  • But, some issues in pulse crops, chickpea especially
  • What are some of those BMPs?
  • Starts with varietal choices — disease resistance package in the genes
  • Healthy crops build yield, but can also create micro-climates that are conducive
  • Competitive plant population against weeds, but not overcrowding
  • Then, what product, when to apply, how to apply, for efficacy?
  • “We can’t spray our way out of resistance, but we can spray our way into it”
  • Just like with so many other things, rotation matters. Of crops, of host crops, of fungicides too
  • That half rate of Tilt phase — do not cut rates, please (Group 3 product please don’t do this)
  • Make sure you’re targeting the disease timing, not herbicide timing, for best ROI
  • Are some products (Groups) more likely to develop resistance? Yes. FRAC.Info
  • Group 11 and Group 7 and Group 3 from high to lower risk (but all are at risk)
  • Two passes in a season? Change your mode of action!
  • Right product for the disease you’re targeting, right timing, right rate, and right spray volume/directions (and follow up with evaluation)
  • Fungicides are not curative, only protective
  • Pulling the trigger: ROI discussion. A thin crop, dry year, low yield potential, low disease pressure — don’t spray, possibly
  • More water = better canopy penetration = better job. Cheap and easy! (except for the water truck driver)
  • Follow. The. Label.
  • So much work goes into the label, you guys
  • Scout! Gauge efficacy! Leave a check strip!

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