This Thursday RealAg Radio edition features… you guessed it, a Farmer Rapid Fire!

You’ll hear from:

  • Ryan Barrett of Kensington, P.E.I., for an update on potato planting. The soil moisture profile has been recharged in his area, which he’s thankful for;
  • Emery Huska of Florence, Ont., who’s a newcomer to the Farmer Rapid Fire. His crops started slow but they’ve recently caught up;
  • Calvin Penner of Elm Creek, Man., who’s our second newcomer to the FRF this week, whose earlier planted soybeans and canola are coming out of the ground nicely;
  • Rob Stone of Davidson, Sask., whose crops have popped, since having a nice rain; and,
  • Shane Strydhorst of Neerlandia, Alta., who’s our third newcomer to the FRF and reports he had some crop in the ground earlier than usual.

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