Thanks for tuning into this Tuesday edition of RealAg Radio! Today’s show is a part of a virtual on-location sponsored by WinField United Canada.

You’ll hear:

  • David Coletto of Abacus Data, on how the Liberal Party has held their popularity, and what that means for a potential election;
  • A product spotlight with Darren McColm of WinField United Canada;
  • Karen Proud, president and CEO of Fertilizer Canada, and their perspective of the government’s 30 per cent emissions reduction target, with a specific look at fertilizer; and
  • The top ag news stories of the day with host Shaun Haney.

Thoughts on something we talked about on the show? Connect with host Shaun Haney via email [email protected], on Twitter by using the hashtag #RealAgRadio, or give us a shout on the listener line, 1-855-776-6147.

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